Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Project: A Visual Life in the Roaring Forties

It is out there now. I just this morning launched my Kickstarter project entitled, " A Visual Life in the Roaring Forties" It will involve the creation of a series of etchings and paintings chronicling my life and times down under. You can read all about it here. I am really excited about this project and the Kickstarter concept in general. It allows writers, artists and anyone with a creative idea to get funding directly from people without the politics and red tape of traditional grant writing. I even made a video for this project (my first ever!) which is also kind of exciting. Anyway, I really hope all of you have a look even if you are not able to contribute anything financial at this point. All support, financial or otherwise, is very welcome. However, if you do pledge $10 or more then you receive some of the artwork created for this project. The more you pledge, the more substantial the reward. At $40 you receive an etching, at $100 you receive 3 etchings, at $400 you receive a bound suite of 6 etchings. If you're not hip to art prices, these are pretty reasonable. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a pretty cool idea.

I have until January 23, 2011 to reach my funding goal of $2,010. If you pledge and the project goes then your pledge is transferred to my account and I am off an running. You will only be charged AFTER the January, 23rd deadline. If you pledge and the goal is not reached then nothing happens. No charges. It's an all or nothing deal. I've posted my video down below. The whole description of the project can be found at:


Thanks folks and please spread the word!

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