Monday, December 13, 2010

New Project to be launched very soon

This is just a quick blurb to let folks know that I will be launching a do-it-yourself grant through the website, It will be entitled "A Visual Life in the Roaring Forties". The result of this project will be a series of original etchings, paintings and drawings visually chronicling my time here in New Zealand, both temporally and geographically. I am very excited about this project and the way it will be funded.

It relies on funding from the kickstarter network and from my social network. In other words, from people who know me and might like to get involved financially with this project. You sign up at different dollar levels and I promise to give you some artwork at the different funding levels. I have a funding goal that must be reached in a certain amount of time. If I don't reach my goal with enough dollars then nobody gets billed or has any obligations. If I do reach my goal then the whole thing is a go. More details to come, but let's build some momentum by spreading the word!! Many thanks and stay tuned.

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