Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Update

Well, here we go again....Another devastating earthquake has struck my fair city. Christchurch, New Zealand was rocked by a 6.3 quake two weeks ago today. It hit at the worst possible time of day and unlike the 7.1 quake in September, this one has claimed some lives. The death toll is climbing towards 200 and the damage has been far more severe. A road I ride into town most every day has sunk about 4 feet and there was severe flooding and liquefaction all over the city but most was concentrated in the eastern suburbs and the CBD. However, this time, my studio has persevered and it looks like I will be able to continue work on my etchings and paintings. I hope to post some more art related stuff shortly but things are very much in flux at the moment. Thanks for all the kind words from everyone.
See you all soon!

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